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2023 Eagle Theatre Season 

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Fall Play 

THE BOOKSTORE BY: Adam Szymkowicz

The future of a whimsical, almost magical bookstore is uncertain after the owner dies and leaves the shop to her niece Rachel. Rachel has a job in New York City that doesn't pay her enough and a fiancé that won't stop calling. She doesn't have the time or patience to run a bookstore, so when real estate magnate Max Brewer offers her more money than she can imagine to turn the store into an apartment complex, her choice seems like a no-brainer. But as the shop works its magic on her and she gets to know the eccentric employees and clientele, she starts to wonder: Can you really put a price on a beloved community bookstore?


Tickets are available for friends and family starting - 09/13 at noon

Tickets are available for booster members starting - 09/17 at noon 

Tickets are available for the general public starting -  09/20 at noon 


Music By: Alan Menken 
Lyrics By: Glenn Slater
Book By: Bill and Charli Steinkiller 

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Deloris Van Cartier is an aspiring singer in Philadelphia, where she is auditioning to perform at her gangster boyfriend's nightclub. Deloris believes that Curtis is going to introduce her to a big producer, but is upset when he tells her she is not ready. Hurt and rejected, Deloris decides to break up with him, but when she goes to find him she accidentally sees him kill one of his cronies. Deloris runs to the police, who place her in hiding at a convent until Curtis is brought to trial. At first, Deloris feels as though it will be the worst thing in the world, chafing against the constraints of convent life and an immovable Reverend Mother, but once she is introduced to the struggling choir at the convent, everything changes. She finds that many of the nuns at the convent are not that different from her and that they are quite fun to be around. They help give her a bigger purpose in her life, showing her genuine love and affection that was missing prior to her arrival at the convent. Sister Act is a joyous show that uses music to bring different communities, and lifestyles, together.

Spring Comedy Showcase 

Our improv team entitled " Hey! Who Turned Off The Lights?"  alongside our student-directed "Underclassmen Show" is sure to keep you laughing all night long. 

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